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Printable SDWS Membership Renewal Form

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SDWS Education/Outreach Media Release Form

Peoples Choice Award Form Template

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Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form 

SDWS Member Show Entry Form

SDWS Member Show Entry Form (fillable)

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Bookkeeping Check Request

Bookkeeping Check Request (fillable)

Bookkeeping Deposit Form

Bookkeeping Deposit Form (fillable) 


Standard Contracts

SDWS Standard Contract No.1  - Member Show Juror (SC#1)

SDWS Standard Contract No.2 - In House Premier Workshop (SC#2)

SDWS Standard Contract No. 3 - Weekend Workshop (SC#3)

SDWS Standard Contract No.4 - Zoom Premier Workshop (SC#4)


SDWS Bylaws

SDWS' Bylaws govern the operation and sustainment of our not-for-profit enterprise. The Board of Directors manages changes to our organization and the way business is conducted though the adoption of changes to SDWS Bylaws. This document describes the board, each officer's role and how the officers and directors are elected.  The bylaws describe the conditions of membership, regular and special meetings and how business is conducted by SDWS. SDWS Bylaws



Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Technology Committee