Western Federation of
Watercolor Societies Exhibition


Greetings fellow SDWS artists: The entry period (Oct. 1 2021-Jan. 10, 2022) is fast approaching for the 47th Western Fed (WFWS47) exhibition, to be held IN PERSON in Albuquerque NM during May 2022. The Prospectus for the Exhibition can be seen by clicking here with a brief summary shown in the Word document here

However, I would like to emphasize a few things that you need to know.  First, before you enter, make sure that you have read THE ENTIRE PROSPECTUS.  There are numerous requirements for entry into WFWS47, some of which are new, and all of which require compliance if you are to be accepted in this show.  Secondly, when you have decided what you want to enter, and prepared jpg images for each, note that your online entry is being handled by the ArtCall system, not the SDWS proprietary entry process we formerly used.  The ArtCall entry system can be accessed at https://wfws47exhibition.artcall.org/  Make sure that you do not wait until the last minute of Jan. 10, 2022 to enter.  There may well be some “hiccups” in your entry process.  I will try to help if you have questions about the ArtCall process, since I have done it once before, and we may be able to access other help through NM Watercolor Society. Finally, please be aware that you may not base your painting on any image not yours – it MUST be your original work.

Good luck, and I hope to see you and your work in Albuquerque next May.

Ralph Kingery, SDWS Delegate to the
Western Federation of Watercolor Societies

"P.S, Also, if one of you could see your way free to help me with the process this year, we could make you an Alternate Delegate and get you a free trip to Albuquerque in May. Think about it and send me an email if that would be possible!"



About WFWS

The Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) was formed in 1976 by the New Mexico Watercolor Society and included nine other watercolor societies. The purpose was to make a large and prestigious watercolor exhibition available at low cost to members for small and often isolated watercolor groups.

Visit the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies' website at wfws.org for more information.

Today, the WFWS includes over 5,000 artists in ten regional watercolor societies and guilds. The WFWS encourages and recognizes artistic excellence and works to increase visibility of watercolor as an artistic medium through our annual juried exhibitions. The exhibitions are sponsored by WFWS and hosted by a regional member society. Delegates meet annually (usually at the current show) to conduct general business and discuss the next year’s plans.  Each society hosts the show on a rotating basis.

If you have questions, please contact Ralph Kingery (Delegate) or Stephanie Van de Wetering (Alternate Delegate) at westernfed@sdws.org.

This text revised by R. Kingery and S. Van de Wetering, Sept 26, 2020