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Lesson Plans

Abstract Face Painting.pdf

Alphabet Hands.pdf

Birch Trees in the Snow.pdf

Decorated Eggs In A Basket.pdf

Designing and Painting Within a Circle.pdf

Easy Picasso Faces.pdf

Fashionable Snowman.pdf

Fish in a Pond.pdf

Floral Resist.pdf

Funny Fangled Foldouts.pdf

Happy Hearts.pdf

Inside Outside.pdf

Lesson Plan Mandalas for SAN DIEGO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY.docx

Matisse’s Fall.pdf

Mythical Beasts.pdf

Occupational Turkeys.pdf

One Point Perspective.pdf


Pop Up Jellyfish.pdf

Postcard Watercolor Lesson.pdf

Pumpkin Patch.pdf

Rainbow Sunfish.pdf

Saguaro Cactus.pdf


Textured Dragons.pdf

Textured Spiders.pdf

The Color Wheel.pdf

Tree of Life.pdf

Vegetable Garden.pdf

Watercolor Crayon Resist Flowers In a Vase.pdf

Wax Resist.pdf

Zen Ink, Eyes Chart, Dew Drop FallLeaves.pdf



Watercolor Butterfly

Watercolor Peacock

Under the Sea

Value Shape Patterns

Nymph Butterfly


Intro to Mixed Media

Line Variety Painting


Fall Leaves

Fish on the Move

Designing like Mondrian

Complementary Colors and Cat Faces

Color Wheel

Botanical Flower


Plein Air Drawing


Watercolor Balloon Crayon Resist

What's in the Shape Painting